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    With the current standard of care, it is not uncommon for patients with a wide range of diseases caused by genetic and environmental factors to have to take multiple medications without achieving the intended efficacy.

    At present, personalized medicine is being actively introduced into clinical practice, especially in the field of oncology, and it is becoming possible to select suitable therapeutic drug for a patient by using cancer gene panel tests that check for the presence or absence of more than 100 genetic mutations.

    However, the number of patients to whom these drugs are applicable (patients with specific genetic mutations) is not large and the risk of not being able to receive the optimal treatment due to worsening of symptoms when individualized therapy is introduced in the middle of standard treatment is a challenge for current individualized therapy.

    We are particularly focused on the development of cell-based products and gene therapy drugs that utilized our proprietary regenerative medicine technologies, and we hope to develop new treatment options for patients who are difficult to treat with existing drugs, and to deliver our products to patients in the future when personalized treatment is standardized.

    treatment that we aim to provide

    Personalized treatment is an approach to provide individualized treatment based on the patient’s genomic information, which is completely different from the current uniform treatment designed for the average patient. With the advancement of genome analysis technology, it is now possible to collect genome information in a short period of time and use it to select treatment based on the patient’s genetic factors, which could not be taken into account in conventional treatment, thus changing the era in which treatment can be provided from a group to a specific individual.

    New Therapeutic Approach
    (Individualized treatment)

    Analyze the genome(gene) mainly for the same disease and provide the suitable therapeutic drugs for each individual.

    1. Providing optimal treatment

    2. Avoidance of trial and error treatment choices

    3.Reduction of medical costs by invalid treatment.

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    Ken-ichiro Hara

    Our company was founded in 2018 with a corporate philosophy of contributing to society through the reality of personalized medicine.

    Since the declaration of the completion of the decipherment of the human genome in 2003, genome analysis technology has progressed dramatically, and it has become clear that the genetic backgrounds of individuals differ even if they have the same disease.

    Today, genomics has changed from an era of research to an era of utilization, and personalized treatment is becoming possible by predicting the individuality of medicine based on genomic information of each person.

    Personalized therapy is beginning to be introduced in several disease areas, but it will take time before it becomes standardized and patients feel familiar with it.

    One reason for this is the lack of treatment options.

    The main purpose of personalized therapy is to optimize therapeutic agents by genome analysis. However, there is a limit to the number of therapeutic agents that can be applied to a single disease, and we believe it is important to have a lineup of many therapeutic options so that genomic information can be utilized for treatment.

    Neo Precision therapeutics, the company’s logo, is a term coined to describe new precision therapeutics.

    Precision medicine, Which means precision medicine, is a word similar to personalized medicine, but we used the word therapeutics because we want to contribute to society by developing new therapeutics, providing treatment options, and working toward the reality of personalized treatment.

    We used therapeutics because we want to contribute to society.

    In particular, we will actively develop cell-based products and gene therapies using regenerative medicine technology, and strive to play a major role in the future of personalized medicine.

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    Contribute to society
    with the reality of personalized medicine

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    New ideas, New hope and a New future

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    NPT Co.,Ltd.
    Room 9, 16th floor, TOC Ariake East Tower

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    Tokyo, 135-0063, Japan

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    Ken-ichiro Hara
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